Managed, serviced or flexible office space in Burgess Hill

Office space, such as provided by Signal House in Station Road, Burgess Hill is basically a private office or workspace that includes all the costs in one fee.  This includes, business rates, heating, electric, internet access, office furniture, building maintenance and communal facilities.

Flexible offices provide the following benefits:

  • Does not tie up as much capital or business reserves as buying or leasing
  • Provides more flexibility if you need more or less office space
  • All the costs are included in one fee so you know where you stand each month
  • Notice periods are less
  • No nasty surprises if the building needs to be repaired
  • Contracts are generally straight forward and do not require a solicitor

The disadvantages include:

  • You have less control over branding your office
  • You share the services with other businesses

Signal House for example offers office space ranging from a private desk in the open plan area to a 6 person private office. Other providers will have different configurations

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